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Chisholm History

Richard H. Chisholm (1799 - 1855) and Hardina Taylor Chisholm (1812 - unknown) had two sons, Bradford A. and Glenn Thornton Chisholm and a daughter Mary Ann Chisholm. Bradford A. Chisholm married Harriett Courtney and they had four children: Ida, Olie, Emma, and Richard T. Chisholm.

Glenn Thornton Chisholm (1831 - 1868) married Jane P. Fore (1838 - 1904) on May 27, 1852, in DeWitt County. They had six children: George Langford (Top), Jessie, Effie, Cora, Mary Ann "Annie", and Daniel Fore (Tots) Chisholm. Glenn Thornton Chisholm was the retail boss for Crockett Cardwell when he put his first herd of cattle together and drove them from DeWitt County, up the "Chisholm Trail" to St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1866. The Chisholms of DeWitt County claimed that the "Chisholm Trail" was named for Glenn Thornton Chisholm because he set the path on the first trail drive. Glenn Thornton Chisholm was accidentally killed by a freight wagon that rolled over him when a breast chain broke while he was going up a steep hill. He was buried by the wagon trail near Burnet, Texas, in March, 1868.